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Retiree Wellness Resources


SMFR’s Strength and Conditioning Coaches walk you through a customized set of workouts created specifically for SMFR retirees.

Click on the links below to access a PDF workout sheet. Save to your device to access at your convenience! Make sure to click the links within the PDFs to view a video demonstration for each workout.

Daily Mobility Drills
No Equipment Workouts
Band Workout Level 1
Basic Strength Conditioning (8 Week)
Static Stretch Guide

Nutrition 101

Join SMFR Dietician Kelsey Bailey in this video series as she guides you through the basics of nutrition to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

SMFR Older Adult Resources

Discover more information about classes, local resources, and events catering to older adults and family members who provide informal care. Sign up to receive updates from South Metro Fire Rescue & the South Metro Safety Foundation on classes, events, and resources for older adults.

Purple Lotus WARRIOR Yoga

1-hour yoga sessions designed for those WARRIORS disabled/retired from the Fire Service. This is for all levels. This class trains in skills to address chronic pain, begins detoxing the mind and body from past default patterns, and builds new mental-circuitry to gain relief and healing from past trauma, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental and physical health challenges. Move the body through specialized yoga to reduce and repair limitations in the body and offer recovery and healing to occur.