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SMFR Candidate Fitness Program

Candidates applying for SMFR positions are welcome to utilize the following 8-week fitness program to help prepare them for the fitness assessment portion of the hiring process.  This program is designed to improve overall cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance.

The Candidate Fitness Program can be viewed below or downloaded/printed for offline use by clicking “Download Fitness Program PDF” on right side of this page.

Please note that the fitness modalities in this program should be performed at your own risk.  Furthermore, performing this program, even in its entirety, does in no way guarantee the candidate successful completion of the South Metro Fire Rescue candidate fitness assessment. Nor does participating in or completing this fitness program factor into the selection process.


For further information on the South Metro Fire Rescue Incumbent Fitness Assessment (VO2max test), candidates are welcome to view an informational video produced by the SMFR Wellness Division below.

Download Fitness Program PDF